417 Staff

417 Youth Sports believe in having a coaching staff thats number one priority is the development of the players on their teams. We only take coaches and staff that fit the molds that we want in our organization and that have priorities that reflect that of management. This means we don’t want coaches that are going to be cussing and yelling, rather we want them to want to improve the players in every aspect of their game rather than tear them down. This also means we want coaches and staff members that reflect family values because once you are a member of 417 Youth Sports you are a member of our family, and will be treated as such. This is our mission and one that we will not budge on. We hope this leads to more families trusting us with their young men and women.

417 Baseball Staff and Coaches

The following is the 2017 coaching staff for 417 Baseball.

18U Hartley Staff
Tyler Hartley – Head Coach
Beau Franklin – Assistant Coach

18U Dishman Staff
Jeff Dishman – Head Coach
Beau Franklin – Assistant Coach

18U Neufeld Staff
Josh Neufeld – Head Coach
Cody Pentecost – Assistant Coach

18U Hunsaker Staff
Ron Hunsaker – Head Coach
Zach Hunsaker – Assistant Coach

18U McCullough Staff
Dwayne McCullough – Head Coach
Grant Baker – Assistant Coach

16U Keith Staff
Garrett Keith – Head Coach
Nick Jones – Assistant Coach

16U DeRossett Staff
Nathan DeRossett – Head Coach
Eric DeRossett – Assistant Coach

16U Gibbens Staff
Jon Gibbens – Head Coach
Matt Fielder – Assistant Coach

16U Rountree Staff
Brent Rountree – Head Coach
Ron Evans – Assistant Coach

15U Strobel Staff
Nathan Strobel – Head Coach
Andrew Meier – Assistant Coach